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Quick tips on selecting your first crystal

Are you drawn to crystals but not sure where or how to begin? Or maybe you already have a crystal or two (or many) and you want to connect with them on a deeper level. Here are some tips on selecting your first crystal and honing your intuition to interact with crystals in a meaningful way.

Step 1. Take a few laps. 

Ideally, spend some time in a crystal shop. Leave your phone at home, or at least silence it, and before you enter the store, quiet your mind and open your heart. Wander thoughtfully and notice which crystal(s) you’re drawn to. At first, you may go straight to the show-stoppers: The 3-foot amethyst cathedral geode, perhaps, or the pile of druzy quartz glittering like pirate’s loot. Admire the beauties — isn’t nature miraculous? — then make another lap and with your heart, ask for your crystal ally to reveal itself.

Crystals communicate through subtle energy; notice which ones you keep coming back to, or that you find intriguing. If there are more than one crystal of that particular type, hover your hand over them, close your eyes, and let your heart decide which one to take home.

Step 2. Control the urge to Google. 

Jot down the name of the crystal but don’t worry about memorizing its properties. Before you crack open crystal guides or do a Google search about your stone’s metaphysical properties, simply spend time with it: Set it on your desk while you work, put it in your pocket while you run errands, meditate with it, contemplate each and every angle of your crystal while you hold it.

Your crystal ally will tell you how it can be of assistance and its energetics. This insight usually comes in the form of a gut feeling—for example, “Hmm, I feel like I should sleep with this crystal under my pillow tonight”—or a thought may pop in your head, such as “this crystal has fire energy.” Notice changes, however subtle, in the room where your crystal lives. Is there more harmony among family members? Do you find it easier to vocalize your thoughts or feelings?

After interacting with your crystal directly you can dive into guides and good old Google, but always trust your own experiences and know that each and every stone is unique.

Step 3. Record your experiences. 

Keep a record, however informal, of your crystal journey: Where you bought certain stones, what was going on in your life at that time, and what you learn about each crystal. Over time, correlations will appear between your life circumstances and crystal energetics, and you’ll value having your own personal history of your crystal allies.

Final Thoughts

If in-person shopping isn’t available or if you prefer to buy online, the above suggestions still apply, with slight variations. Simply carve out some quiet time, try not to shop rushed, and listen your heart.

More ideas for interacting with crystals, crystal properties and energetics, and a beautiful space for recording your crystal journey can be found in our GWBW Exclusive My Crystal Journal.

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