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"A Day in the Life" Podcast Transcript


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Season 1, Episode 2 “A Day in the Life”

Podcast Transcript

[0:00:05.9] SS: Hi. I’m Sarah Southwell, Founder of GroWise Be Well, a holistic, inspirational lifestyle company for children of all ages. We are here because of you and for you. GroWise Be Well empowering you.

Thank you for joining me today on my second podcast ever. I’m still a little nervous doing this, so bear with me again. My first podcast, I introduced you to myself, my life, some of my trials and tribulations, and the research I’ve done on products and methods I can use to feel buoyant and vibrant. I also introduced you to the toolbox that I have metaphorically built and filled with holistic, self-empowering tools that help me stay grounded, joyful, and feeling fantastic.

Today, I want to walk you through my daily routine. What are all the tools that I use on a daily basis to feel wonderful? I want to let you know before we get going that I’m going to mention some brands and some apps that I use. I, first of all, want to let you know that I don’t get any compensation for recommending any of these products to you. I use them. I love them. I paid full retail for them. No one’s ever asked me to review a product or an app, and I have used these over the years. They’re the ones that I love the most, and so I want to tell you about the ones that I love the most.

I also want to let you know that not all of these products and apps and techniques are going to work for you. They’re the ones that work for me that I’ve used over the years. I’ve curated all of these to what my body tells me helps it feel the best. I want you to do the same thing. I want you to listen to yourself. I want you to listen to your body and your intuition. I want you to decide what products and apps work for you. I’m just giving you a rundown of my day just to get your creativity flowing as to the possibilities, so let’s get going.

I start my day around 6:30 in the morning. I head into the kitchen. I fill up a juice glass full of hot water and lemon juice. That gets my Agni or my chi-fire going. I get that furnace turned on. First thing in the morning, I want my digestion pumping right away. Then I head over to my counter with my coffee and I start constructing my version of a bullet coffee. I love Dave Asprey and his science of biohacking. He is a brilliant man who has found ways for our bodies to work more efficiently, and so I use the science behind the bullet coffee to enliven my day and I modify it just a little bit, for me.

I take any beans, any coffee beans. I don’t use bullet coffee beans right now but I take any coffee beans. I grind them up, put them in my French press, and I let them steep for four minutes. While they’re steeping, I get out my mixer and I put in two teaspoons of ghee. I’m dairy-free, and ghee is clarified butter which removes the lactose. I then put in a scoop of my organic vegan protein supplement with collagen and I put in about one to two tablespoons of MCT oil which is a multi-chain triglyceride coconut oil, which is fantastic for your brain.

I also have a tray of herbs next to my coffee area, and there’s about 12 to 14 different glass jars from Sun Potion. I love the Sun Potion brand because I feel that they’re very high quality and they have really high integrity. I don’t use all of those herbs. I use kinesiology to read the herbs. Kinesiology is muscle testing. I use a form closer to ‘body-talk’ where I rock forward for yes and I rock backward for no. I go through all the different herbs, run my hand over the tops of jars, and I choose the ones that I need that day. I normally don’t need any more than two to four different herbs and in very small quantities. I pop that in the mixer. Coffee is done steeping. I pour it in. Whizz it up high speed for a little bit. While it’s whizzing up, I put on my little milk steamer and I steam up some raw goat milk to just top it off with. That information you would find under the body vessel, because that’s nutrition.

Then I take Chinese herbs first thing in the morning. My primary care physician is a doctor of Oriental medicine. He saved my life years ago, and it’s been wonderful working with the herbs and working with acupuncture over the years, which I will talk about at a later podcast. In fact, I’m hoping to even get my doctor involved in the podcast and interview him because you’ll love him. So I take three pills in the morning of Bu Zhong Yi Qi, because it helps pull me up and just get me ready for my day.

Then I’ve got my coffee and my phone, and I head in to my favorite place on the sofa. It’s this chaise longue that I can put my feet up. And I sit and I start doing mindfulness techniques. I start out with positive affirmation. Now, the app I use for my affirmation that I read every morning is actually called Affirmations. It’s that simple. It’s truly called Affirmations. I love this app, because I get to record the affirmation in my own voice, and then it plays back to me the affirmation in my own voice, which I find extremely powerful for me to hear my own voice, saying that positive affirmation.

I record the affirmation, I press play, and then I just kind of let my mind relax. I don’t start forcing myself to say the affirmation. I just let my mind kind of go blank and I let thoughts just flow across it like, “Oh, boy! What do I have going on today? Wow! That was a really weird dream I had last night.” I wait until those bubbling thoughts start to dim and I start to hear in my mind the affirmation. That’s when I know that it’s a good time to press stop on the recording of the affirmation, because then I know that I’ve saturated my mind with that positive affirmation. I’ve got it.

So I press stop and I move on to the next mindfulness app that I use, which is the Daily Secret Message App from The Secret, the book and the movie, and it gives you a reading. Every single day, it’s a different — it’s a diary type of reading where it tells you the date at the top, so every day it changes to a new reading, and it’s just an extremely positive, thoughtful message that makes you realize that you’re part of a greater consciousness and that you can achieve anything you want in your life and that you can manifest anything you want in your life. I love those messages because they remind me how powerful I am.

Then I meditate for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how grounded I am that day and I use an app called Simply Being. I love this app because it’s simple, as the name says. It leads me into and out of a meditation without a lot of talking but with just the right amount, in my opinion. I don’t do well meditating with just a chime. Some people do. I’m in awe of that. I need someone to just gently, with a light music in the background, move me into, hold me in meditation, and then bring me out. You can set the timing on this too, so you can do it for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes, whatever you want. Then it brings you out of it within that time.

Then I move on to about 10 to 15 minutes of visualization. You might be like, “Hey, wait a minute. Did you just do visualization?” No. Meditation and visualization are different. Meditation is letting your mind be. It’s not trying to control your thoughts or stop them or control your mind. It’s about letting your thoughts just float right through your mind, letting your thoughts go as easily as they come effortlessly. I got that from the Simple Being app. I love that app.

Visualization is different because it’s actually using your creativity, your imagination to conjure an image in your mind of what you want your day to look like or what you want something to happen like. If you have a meeting coming up that day, you might want to visualize it going really, really well, and everybody agreeing with you, and it just being a positive experience. Visualization is one of the most powerful mindful tools that you can use in your life to manifest how you want your life to go, so I definitely make time for that every single day, sometimes even more than once a day.

So the visualization program I use right now is Jon Gabriel’s program, and I love Jon Gabriel. His voice is so calm and so clear, and his visualizations are not centered on a specific activity happening well. They are white light energy. They are having you swim in vibrant white light that fills you up and makes you glow throughout the day, and it creates this very positive self-image. I love Jon Gabriel.

Then I take a few moments to say good morning to my dragons, which I’ll explain in greater detail in another podcast. I also take time to say good morning to my guides for my greatest good, and I thank all of them for being in my life and helping my life be so amazing. Next, I head into my bedroom and I do 10 minutes of red light therapy with a device I purchased from a company called Joovv, J-O-O-V-V. They use natural red and near-infrared light that increases circulation in your body, and it supercharges your cells. It can reduce inflammation. It can do a lot of amazing things for your body. I certainly have seen beneficial things come from using this red light therapy every single day for 10 minutes. Right now, I’m specifically concentrating on healing an umbilical hernia, and I use it primarily for that and to help remove any blockages in my intestinal tract. It’s been fantastic.

While I’m doing my red light therapy, I then start in on my EFT or meridian tapping. I love tapping. I was introduced to this not too long ago. I started working with a therapist by the name of Carol Look. Carol Look is a master of our hands-on healing modality and she’s just been life- altering for me. I do tapping every single day and what it’s helped do is ground me and calm me, and it’s helped uncover hidden or subconscious stress or disease. So I do that for a little bit and then I also say good morning to my body. I know that might sound a little strange because obviously I’m in my body. I’m using my body to record this podcast right now but I actually always been in my body, and that I’ll tell you about on another podcast as well. I check in with my body everyday now because I’ve moved back into my body recently, and it’s amazing. I have a beautiful body. I refer to it now as a house, and my house is gorgeous. I actually know exactly what my house, my body-house looks like, and it’s clean now, and the fire’s going every day, and I open the windows and let the breeze in, and it’s wonderful. So I always check in to see how it’s doing and see if there’s anything it needs for me. Anything I can give it. Believe me, you get answers when you ask. That’s been amazing and transformative.

Well, once my red light therapy is over, I go into my closet and I actually do a form of frequency healing when I choose my clothes. I use chromotherapy. I know, right? Does it stop? I’ve been doing these things for a long time. Chromotherapy is color therapy, and so I have a very colorful closet because I use the colors to get the things I need for my day. If I have something coming up in my day that I know might be challenging and that I might feel resistance against, I choose blue because I want to go with the flow. If I feel like I’m tired and I might need a little extra energy that day, I choose orange. If it’s an overcast day and I need to bring some sunshine into my day, I wear yellow. It’s that simple.

Then I go over and I put on my therapeutic-grade essential oils. Again, I use kinesiology to choose those oils and put those on my body also. I also am in love with crystals. Of course, right after my essential oils are put on, I go over and I choose my crystal jewelry for the day. My crystals do all kinds of different things for me and I choose them very purposefully. For days that I feel like I need a little bit more love, I’ll choose rose quartz. For days that I feel like I might need some protection from someone who’s maybe not my biggest fan, I’ll wear black tourmaline or shungite. For today, I knew I was going to be recording a podcast, so I wore blue lace agate and lapis lazuli, because those help you speak well. So I hope they’re working.

After this, I head into the kitchen again and I eat an organic breakfast of eggs, sausages, and raw goat milk yogurt, all from our farm in Montana, ABC Acres. I will do another podcast on that sometime too. I know that you’re probably sitting here thinking to yourself, “Oh, my God. Is this like her whole day? Or she’s really only just eating breakfast?” I want to let you know that I do 98% of my self-help empowerment tool use in the morning because I want to start my day off every day just as powerful and amazing as I possibly can.

Then I move into my day and I spend about two-thirds of my waking hours with my children. In the mornings, I homeschool them. Or if they’re on a break, we play together. Then one-third of the day every day, except for weekends, of course, I spend with my GroWise Be Well team. I exercise every single day, some way or another. I do yoga. I ride my bike. I go for a walk. I swim in the pond. I drink loads of freshwater. I use a desk that goes up and down because I like to stand when I work and I get outside on our farm and I get nature therapy.

Every evening, my husband and I take turns making dinner. We get a special treat sometimes, and my eldest son is a master calzone maker, and he’ll make everybody calzones. Then we eat dinner together. After we’re done eating, each one of us goes around the table and we say at least one thing we’re grateful for that day. Believe me, most of the time it’s a lot more than one thing. Then I put my children to bed. I read them stories. I sing them songs. I say prayers. I reduce all of the blue light in the house. I’ve even gone to switching out some of my bulbs with red lights. That, again, I’ll also talk about in a future podcast.

Then I get into my bed and I get ready to read one of my books that I’ve got going. I always have at least one book going, always a fiction book. I am a young adult fiction fan. I like anything that’s got adventure or fantasy and I always have a nonfiction book going, so I always like to keep learning. Well, I’ll tell you what. I slide into my bed pretty early. I like to get into my bed no later than 9:00 PM and I have to confess to you here that when I get into my bed, I actually literally like to giggle and I say, “I love you, bed,” because I love my bed. After giving it all I’ve got all day long, it feels so great to climb into that bed at night.

I read my books. I start to get sleepy. I write in my gratitude journal, which I will also talk about in a future podcast. My gratitude journal has been so important to me over the years, and it’s where I recount all of the wonderful things that happened in my day. Then I do a night-time visualization. I talk to my guides for my greatest good and ask them to show me anything I need to know in my dreams. I choose the crystal I want to put under my pillow. If I want lucid dreams, I might put a blue kyanite. If I want peaceful dreams, I might put a selenite. Then I drift off to sleep and I wake the next day and repeat.

There you have it. I know it feels like that was a lot of information to convey to you. I hope you hung in there with me, because all of those things I will talk to you more in depth about in future podcasts where you can find out more information about them once the website is fully up and running for GroWise Be Well, which will be soon. I promise.

I’ll be posting this podcast every Tuesday, or as we like to call it around here at GroWise Be Well, “youday,” because every Tuesday is all about you. It’s when we’ll be posting all of our social media, podcasts, and blogs. So check in with us every Tuesday or youday. Thank you. Have a great day!


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