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Everyone has intuition. Usually, we receive intuitive messages in the form of an inexplicable gut feeling or a deep certainty we can’t rationally explain. But some people’s intuition expresses itself in very direct and distinct ways, such as a sudden vision of a future event, or a flood of information about an object. People who consistently receive specific and accurate intuitive messages are said to have a psychic ability. Some, but certainly not all, psychic abilities include the following:

Clairvoyance: Meaning “clear seeing,” this is the ability to see something that has not yet occurred

Clairaudience: Meaning “clear hearing,” this is the ability to hear the voices of spirits, animals, and/or other dimensions. Some clairaudient people describe hearing these sounds inside their head, while others describe them as being external. 

Clairsentience: Meaning “clear feeling,” this is the ability to experience the emotions or physical sensations of other people or animals (Note: Clairsentience differs from the experience of empaths in that clairsentience is more extreme and includes the ability to perceive the emotions of people in the past and future)

Claircognizance: Meaning “clear knowing,” this is the ability to know something to be true without prior knowledge. Information, ideas, or a solution to a problem just “pop” into the mind.

Retrocognition or postcognition: The ability to describe a past event without prior knowledge

Remote Viewing: The ability to see or describe a distant location through extrasensory perceptions

Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects without physically interacting with them

Psychometry: The ability to obtain information or perceive the history of a person or object by touch

Telepathy: The ability to share information with someone mentally, and/or the ability to perceive what someone is thinking

Mediumship: The ability to communicate with deceased people and/or spirits