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Empowering families to change their lives and their world

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The Montana Farm
About Us

Founded in 2018 by holistic education entrepreneur and thought leader Sarah Southwell.

GroWise Be Well is a holistically metaphysical lifestyle company dedicated to empowering you. Through the creation of beautiful interactive products, the curation of resources, and collaboration with masters in modalities, we offer you holistic and metaphysical tools to fill your toolbox of resources.

Our Story


It all started in 2002 when Sarah experienced severe withdrawals from a 15 year addiction to speed. She diagnosed herself with panic disorder; she was too scared to drive or be around new people and sometimes she didn't even want to leave the house. She knew there must be some way to regain the vibrancy of her life, so she searched and searched for natural, holistic treatments that would help her find her balance. Sarah didn't just return to a life of health and peace, she became stronger than before and gratitude and abundance fills her life.

Our Story


In 2012, Sarah's eldest child was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and she began searching again. She sat in her backyard with a piece of white poster board and created a list of the podcasts she wanted to record and share with the world. She came up with the business name GroWise Be Well. But she had a newborn and her family was and is her top priority, so, GroWise Be Well would have to wait a few more years.

Our Story


As the years unfolded, people would ask Sarah what modalities she used to heal herself and her family. They wanted her to write a book or create a plan for them and their families; Sarah knew it was time for her to officially launch GroWise Be Well. Sarah will continue learning and trying new ideas so GroWise Be Well will continue to grow Wiser and we all be Well.

Montana Headquarters

Surrounded by inspiration

Nestled in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, our Headquarters is located on an 80-acre permaculture farm, where Scottish Highland cattle, chickens, and the occasional bald eagle can be seen outside the window, all against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

View from the HQ

Everything we share, sell, or support is done so with intention and is the driver of our values

#1 Empowering

To give power or authority to; to enable

GWBW ferociously supports you in enabling your own power. You are your own best guru and have your own direct connection to the universe. We’re here to help you step up to your calling, tap into a higher frequency, and connect with others as we work together to change the world for the better.

#2 Vibrant

Pulsating with vigor and energy; exciting

We’re out to slay once and for all the notion that wonder, excitement, and magic ends after childhood. Fun, play, and creativity infuse all that we do at GWBW. Everything we do pulses with the energy of creation.

#3 Authentic

Not false or copied, genuine; true to oneself; verified

We have a strict no-bullshit policy here at GWBW. That means no cheesy gimmicks, no impossible promises, and no tricky half-truths. We’re real people that embrace change, imperfection, and honesty.

#4 Intentional

Done with purpose

Everything we share, sell, or support is done with positive intention. You can be sure that anything with the GWBW brand on it has been carefully considered, tried out, tossed around, debated and dissected. Our products have a reason to exist and there’s a reason we’re sharing it, and you are that reason.

Our Mission

We cut through the clutter of the holistic world.

GWBW ferociously supports you to step into your power so that together we can raise the energetic frequency of humanity. Through curation, creation, and collaboration, we offer you holistic and metaphysical modalities to fill your toolbox of resources.

Ferociously For You

We proudly support and collaborate with regenerative, eco-friendly businesses, showcase small-batch products made with positive intentions, and guarantee that we've personally used and love everything we offer.

Our Commitment
Our Team

Sarah Southwell

Luminary, CEO & Founder

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“Oh Captain, my Captain!” Sarah is the Founder and CEO. GWBW is born out of her lifelong interest in the metaphysical, passion for helping people grow in their spiritual journey, as well as her desire as a mother to pass on a holistic lifestyle to her children.

Sarah is an energy healer, Reiki master, multidimensional warrior, and teacher of experiential transformation and healing. Alchemist of intuition, energy, and ancient forces, she is excited to share her life’s journey and expertise to support you as you connect to your power. She has created an oasis for mystical beings and multidimensional travel through the construction of a manifestation portal on her family farm in Montana. Her path is to help raise the energetic frequency of humanity and adore her three boys. She loves her husband, chocolate, drinking coffee, and her Nubian goats (not necessarily in that order).

Note: As a thought leader and experienced entrepreneur in holistic education, non-GMO and gluten/dairy-free nutrition, as well as alternative medicine, herbs, essential oils, and other metaphysical modalities, Sarah offers 1-on-1 consultations to help you and/or your family activate your ultimate potential. Consultations are by appointment only. Rates begin at $100/hour. To schedule, email hello@gwbw.com.

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